The name “Chicago” is derived from a French rendering of the Native American word “shikaakwa”, translated as “WILD ONION”

In the 1700s, Shikaakwa was inhabited by a Native American tribe known as the Potawatomi. And within 100 years, the Potawatomi people were forcibly removed from their home land, and the label “Villains” was thrust upon them by the very people who cheated them out of what belonged to them.
Wild Onion Villains is a tribute to our past, a promise for our future, and most importantly, a declaration of our time here now. This is a movement. This is for your people, for my people, for us: artists, hustlers, skaters, aerosol magicians, activists, minorities, and immigrants; for all the street-raised “ghetto kids” from Chicago to L.A to Brooklyn. For those labeled by the very people that try to keep us from what is ours.
WOV is a declaration. Not just to those who try to hold us back, but to our fellow villains as a reminder that we are in this together. And we declare: We will claim our part in this world. We will be heard, we will be seen, and we will not stop until you know exactly who we are. We will no longer be forced to carry your label, but make it our own and wear it proudly for all to see. We are…